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At V.Brady Contracts Ltd, we are at the forefront of revolutionising the utilities industry in Ireland & Northern Ireland with our expert Directional Drilling and Trenchless Technology services. Based in Armagh and extending our expertise across the entire region, we bring over 20 years of unparalleled experience and a track record of excellence to every project.

Our journey began with a mission to offer innovative solutions for laying pipes and cabling with minimal environmental impact. Today, we proudly serve as a trusted partner to major entities like NI Water, Phoenix Gas, Firmus Energy & Evolve Gas, helping install critical water, sewer & gas infrastructure, as well as leading telecoms companies for whom we lay down the veins of communication through advanced cabling. Our portfolio also includes collaborations with commercial developers, enhancing the infrastructural integrity of Ireland & Northern Ireland’s growing urban landscapes.

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A Blend of Excellence and Innovation

Environmental Stewardship: Embracing Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technology, we ensure our operations have a minimal footprint on the natural beauty of Ireland & Northern Ireland. Our trenchless solutions preserve landscapes and habitats, making us the go-to choice for projects within sensitive ecological zones.


Directional Drilling Solutions for Utilities

Commercial Developers

Directional Drilling for Commercial Developers

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Preserving Northern Ireland's Green Heritage

Economic and Operational Efficiency

V.Brady Contracts Ltd recognises the importance of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our trenchless methods not only reduce the need for extensive restoration work but also bring down overall project costs by minimising disruptions and speeding up completion times. The longevity and low maintenance requirements of the infrastructure we install translate into long-term savings for our clients.


Community and Safety First

We understand the value of community and the importance of keeping life flowing smoothly. Our methods significantly reduce disruptions to traffic and daily activities, making us a considerate and responsible choice for urban areas. Safety is paramount in our operations, with our trenchless solutions minimising risks associated with traditional excavation methods.

Why Choose V.Brady Contracts Ltd?

Choose V.Brady Contracts Ltd for a committed partner dedicated to innovation, quality, and sustainability. Our specialization in Directional Drilling and trenchless technologies, coupled with a thorough understanding of utilities, commercial development, and agriculture, uniquely qualifies us to tackle projects of all scales and complexities with sensitivity.

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