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Introduction to Stratex Ltd

Stratex Ltd is a prominent name in the field of Site Investigation and Geotechnical Engineering, operating across Northern Ireland. With a commitment to excellence and a comprehensive suite of services, we are dedicated to supporting the construction industry, property developers, and civil engineering sectors through precise, innovative, and reliable solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission at Stratex Ltd is to deliver unparalleled geotechnical engineering and site investigation services, ensuring the safety, sustainability, and success of your projects. By leveraging our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we aim to provide in-depth geological insights and tailor-made engineering solutions to overcome the challenges posed by the ground beneath.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services

Stratex Ltd is proud to offer a wide array of specialised services, including:

Site Investigation Services:

From trial pits and in situ tests for bearing pressures to shallow and deep boreholes using Dando Terrier and Shell & Auger rigs, respectively. Our rotary cored boreholes for rock sampling and comprehensive in situ testing services (density, CBR, Plate bearing tests) are designed to provide a thorough understanding of site conditions.

Environmental and Contamination Assessments:

We conduct contamination sampling, including gas and water monitoring, alongside percolation tests to evaluate environmental impacts and ensure compliance with sustainability standards.

Specialist Services:

Our expertise extends to mini piling for small piling projects, underpinning with mini piles and ground beams, and ground improvement using injected polymers. Pressure grouting to enhance foundation bearing capacity, sustainable urban drainage solutions through infiltration boreholes, pre-planning surveys for wind farms, including peat stability assessments, and the design and installation of ground anchors and soil nails.

Geotechnical Engineering Solutions:

We offer specialist advice and solutions for ground improvement, slope stability, and retaining wall design, ensuring structural integrity and compliance with regulations.

Laboratory Testing Services:

Our in-house laboratory is equipped to perform a wide range of tests, providing full analysis and interpretation to support your project needs.

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Why Choose Stratex Ltd?

Opting for Stratex Ltd's site investigation services means ensuring your project is backed by unparalleled expertise and a commitment to safety, compliance, and environmental stewardship. Our team's dedication to delivering tailored solutions reflects our understanding that the design and scope of each investigation must be as unique as the project itself. By partnering with us, you're not just meeting regulatory requirements; you're laying the groundwork for a successful, sustainable future.

Stratex Ltd - Where Integrity Meets Innovation.

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