Infrastructural Development & Maintenance across Northern Ireland

Phace Contracts Ltd, a family-based firm located in Dungannon, County Tyrone.

Welcome to Phace Contracts Ltd

A family-based firm located in Dungannon, County Tyrone. For over two decades, we have been a trusted partner in infrastructural development and maintenance across Northern Ireland. 

Our expertise spans a wide range of essential services, including water mains laying, sewer mains laying, and directional drilling, catering to the Utilities, Agricultural, Commercial & Food industries.

Our Expertise

With over two decades in the industry, we have become synonymous with reliability and excellence. Our team of highly skilled professionals is committed to delivering top-notch service with every project.

Our Clients

Our flexible approach allows us to cater to the unique requirements of a diverse clientele, ranging from large and small consultants and developers to prestigious collaborations with Northern Ireland Water.

Our Services

Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. These services include

Man using a large wrench on water pipes. Construction site with

Water Mains Laying

Specialising in installation, repair, and replacement, ensuring efficient water supply systems.


Sewer Mains Laying

Providing robust waste management systems, from installation to maintenance.

Horizontal directional drilling technology closeup. Drilling mac

Directional Drilling

Employing advanced, minimally invasive techniques for underground pipe laying.

Our Commitment

As a family-run business, we take pride in our commitment to professionalism, efficiency, and friendliness. We’ve built a strong reputation by providing exceptional services to numerous companies and government departments, including a proud partnership with Northern Ireland’s water utility provider, NI WATER.

Professional, Dependable Staff

Each contract is handled by our fully-qualified team, ensuring unparalleled service quality.

Modern Plant and Equipment

We offer modern plant and equipment for all jobs undertaken, including hire services.

Expert Planning and Consultation

Our experienced team provides thorough planning, consultation, and preparation for every project.

High-Level Health & Safety

We implement stringent, up to date health and safety practices in all our applications.