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We are not just skilled in our craft; we're also incredibly thoughtful about your home and comfort. Before starting any plastering task, we take great care to prepare your space, ensuring everything is neat and your belongings are well-protected.

Considerate and Careful Preparation for Plastering

We understand that emptying a room entirely isn’t always practical. That’s why, if any furniture needs to stay, we carefully cover it with protective plastic sheeting. We extend the same care to your floors and carpets, shielding them from any plastering splashes or spills. We also carefully remove and safeguard any electrical fittings like sockets and switches, ensuring a clear and safe space for plastering.

Our Liverpool based plasterers are not just trade-accredited for their high-quality finishes; they’re also known for their quick yet considerate working style. They’re committed to causing the least possible disturbance to your routine and home, making the plastering process as smooth and hassle-free for you as possible.

We undertake several key preparations before beginning work to ensure a smooth, efficient, and high-quality plastering process. These preparations are critical for protecting the property and achieving the best possible results.

  • Site Assessment and Planning: Initially, the plasterer will assess the site to understand the scope of work and identify any potential challenges. This includes checking the condition of the walls or ceilings, noting any damp issues, cracks, or other defects that need addressing.
  • Room Clearing and Furniture Protection: If possible, the room should be cleared of furniture and fittings to create a spacious working area. For items that cannot be moved, such as large furniture or built-in fixtures, these are covered with dust sheets or plastic sheeting to protect them from dust, debris, and splashes.
  • Floor Covering: Floors are protected with drop cloths or plastic sheeting, especially in areas directly beneath the work site. This helps in easy cleanup and prevents damage to carpets or flooring.
  • Removing or Covering Electrical Outlets and Fixtures: Electrical switches, sockets, and light fixtures should be either removed or adequately covered. This not only protects them from plaster but also ensures safety during the plastering process.
  • Prepping the Surface: The surface to be plastered is properly prepared. This includes removing old plaster, sanding down surfaces, or applying a bonding agent to ensure the new plaster adheres well.
  • Ventilation and Dust Control: Good ventilation is crucial, both for the comfort of the plasterer and the setting of the plaster. However, dust control measures will be in place to minimise the spread of dust throughout the property.
  • Material Preparation: Mixing plaster to the right consistency is crucial. This is done just before application to ensure the best results.

Expertise in Plaster Skimming

Recognised as multi-finish plaster specialists, we excel in preparing ceilings and walls for painting and wallpaper application. This technique is highly favoured for its ability to create a flawless base for decoration. However, its success hinges on the underlying wall condition; it’s imperative that there are no significant issues like moisture damage or movement cracks.

We conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing plaster to identify any such damage. We ensure that your walls are impeccably prepared prior to applying the plaster skim coat.

Our plaster skimming professionals are not only fully qualified but also bring a wealth of experience in both domestic and commercial projects. Specialising in skimming plaster across Liverpool, we guarantee the ideal finish for your walls and ceilings, setting the perfect stage for decoration.

Plaster skimming is an essential technique employed to refine rough plasterwork, making it ideal for decoration. It’s an effective method not only for raw plaster surfaces but also for plasterboard. If your walls or ceilings are structurally intact, our skimming service can seamlessly cover minor flaws like small cracks and pre-existing textures.

Our process involves meticulously smoothing the plaster skim coat, ensuring an impeccably seamless finish. We offer our expert skimming services throughout Liverpool.

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  • Advantages of Skim Plastering:
  • Achieves a smooth, even surface.
  • Enhances paint adherence, ensuring a superior finish.
  • Significantly improves the aesthetics of any room.
  • Provides better sound insulation.
  • Effectively conceals minor surface imperfections.
  • Offers additional protection to underlying layers.
  • Creates a durable and seamless base.
  • Ensures a consistent surface ideal for wallpaper application.
  • Suitable for both wet plaster and plasterboard applications.

Our plaster skimming service not only revitalises the look of your space but also adds to its functional quality, ensuring a perfectly prepared surface for any decorative undertaking

Expert Wall and Ceiling Plastering

For all your wall and ceiling plastering needs, whether it’s addressing water damage or undertaking a refurbishment project, professional expertise is crucial. Our team of skilled plasterers brings years of experience to every project. We employ tried-and-tested techniques to rejuvenate walls and ceilings, guaranteeing exceptional quality in every task.

Our services encompass a wide range of wall and ceiling plaster repairs. From mending minor hairline cracks to addressing significant structural issues, we ensure the perfect finish. Recognised for our excellence in ceiling plastering across Liverpool, we’re your go-to specialists.

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Wall and Ceiling Plastering Services Include:

  • Wall and Ceiling plaster repairs and patching
  • Removal of old or damaged plasterwork
  • Application of wet plaster and plasterboarding
  • Wall and Ceiling skimming for a smooth finish
  • Thorough water damage assessment and repair
  • Installation of cove and cornice
  • Repair of decorative mouldings
  • Specialised ceiling texture applications

Moisture Issue Resolution

Dark spots, mould, or dampness in your existing plaster are often indicators of underlying moisture problems. Addressing these is paramount before commencing any new plasterwork. Otherwise, the moisture might resurface within days or weeks.

Wall and Ceiling repairs

Large cracks, flaking plaster and water damage may leave you concerned about the safety of your ceiling. Our expert plasterers will assess the condition of your walls or ceiling, and the extent of any damage present, so they can provide the ideal solution for your property.

We take steps to protect your space and prepare the surface thoroughly. Any underlying issues will have to be taken care of first, and the damaged area must be cleared of loose plaster. Our plasterers will be happy to discuss all elements of the plastering job for your peace of mind.

Skim plastering for walls and ceilings

We are highly skilled at skim plastering. This process involves adding a final layer of plaster to the walls or ceiling to achieve a smooth finish that’s strong, visually appealing, and ready to be painted. It’s also good for hiding hairline cracks, as long as there’s no underlying structural problem.

Our plasterers can advise on whether your walls or ceilings can be skimmed, or if multiple layers of plaster are needed. We’re also able to skim over plasterboard to achieve a superior finish.

Plaster Repairs and Restoration in Liverpool and Surrounding Areas

Unchecked, deteriorating plaster can worsen, halting your redecoration plans. Various factors contribute to this damage, including natural structural shifts, substandard initial application, and the inevitable impacts of accidents and wear and tear.

Experiencing issues with compromised plasterwork? Our team is at your service. Specialising in plaster repairs and restoration, we proficiently address and mend plaster imperfections. This includes filling cracks and holes, repairing ornate mouldings, and restoring damaged plasterboard. Our expertise extends across Liverpool and surrounding areas, ensuring top-notch plaster repair solutions.

In Need of Plaster Restoration Services?
We frequently handle a range of plaster damage, adeptly rectifying issues such as:

  • Cracks and holes in the plaster
  • Sagging or protruding plasterwork
  • Plaster detachment
  • Staining and water-induced damage
  • Uneven surfaces and textural inconsistencies
  • Flaking or blistering paint
  • Efflorescence leading to a powdery finish
  • Damaged cornices and decorative mouldings

Our expertise ensures that your plastered walls not only regain their structural integrity but also their aesthetic appeal.

Dry Lining

What’s the difference between dry lining and plasterboard?
There’s a common misconception that plasterboard and dry lining are two different things. In reality, plasterboard is the material which gets attached to a wall as part of the dry lining process.

Professional Dry Lining Services in Liverpool
Choose our expert dry lining services in Liverpool for a straightforward and efficient approach to upgrading your home. We combine advanced techniques with a focus on customer satisfaction, ensuring that your dry lining needs are met with professionalism and ease.

What We Offer:

  • Quick Installation: We work fast, ensuring your walls are ready quickly with minimal disruption.
  • Clean Process: Our dry lining service is tidy and efficient, avoiding the mess associated with traditional plastering.
  • Flexible Design: We can easily incorporate insulation, partitions, and shelving into your design, tailored to your requirements.
  • Smooth Surfaces: Our plasterboards provide a perfect base for painting or wallpapering, with minimal prep needed.
  • Easy Modifications: Future changes or repairs to your walls are easy with our dry lining approach.
  • Damp and Mould Resistance: We use special plasterboards in damp areas to prevent mould and moisture damage.
  • Better Insulation and Quieter Rooms: Our dry lining improves thermal and acoustic insulation, making your space more comfortable.
  • Ideal for Uneven Walls: We can level out uneven surfaces, giving you a perfectly smooth finish.
  • Fast Turnaround: Dry lining is ideal for projects on a tight schedule, as it doesn’t require long drying times.

We are here to provide efficient, clean, and flexible dry lining solutions in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. Let us help you make the most of your space.

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